White Lightning Axiom: Redux: No-Mow the lawn Wednesday

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


No-Mow the lawn Wednesday

Got up late today. Well, more like 'later' than anything. Six am isn't exactly sleeping till noon, you know. Things went slowly too. I eventually got out of the house at 6:45 and to work by 7:30. Since Mrs MDMHVONPA will be at a remote site today, she will not be able to pick up the Twin Twisters of Totalitarian Toddlecracy. Which in turn, means that the weekly lawn harvest will have to wait until a later date. The remote site is in another state, so there is no hope of her shortening the commute. The class ends at 5pm, no hope of her skipping out on the indoctrination session either. So be it, I will a nice break to actually spend time with the little clever ones instead of withering in the sweltering heat. One thing that really needs to get done is going to have to wait till the Mrs gets home though. The Agricultural Sector needs some attention. The Green Bean Supplemental Harvest is becoming problematic. I've been out to the back 500 twice and I have not gotten past the first row of beans before my basket is overflowing. I end up picking the damn Japanese beetle off too and wasting my time with that. I have moved to an alternate method for dealing with those little buggers, I'm putting them in a little glass jar and setting them off to the side of the garden. Let them roast in the sun, messy, but they don't come back to continue the destruction. There will be NO recidivism! I'm also spending way too much time trying to keep the squash out of the beans and vice-versa. Next year, I'm going to have to put up a steak line like I do for the peas to keep the pole-beans from flopping over onto the squash. The squash have completely overgrown their area and the towers I built for them to climb are nothing but a mound of vines punctuated with the occasional splash of light orange flowers. And the tomatoes have gone utterly bezerk. A victim of my own agricultural success. I'll let them go for now, they tend to be quite hearty and cutting them back in a machete-hacking sort of way doesn't seem to affect them much.


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