White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mow the Lawn Wednesday, and much much more

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Mow the Lawn Wednesday, and much much more

Well, it went off without a hitch, but yet again I failed to apply insect repellent or have sufficient refreshments available. It seems to be a recurring problem with me. In the past, I used to spend more time preparing for the task at hand than actually completing the work. Make-work. Eventually, I have drifted to the other end where I just jump into the fray. At least I get things done these days. Mostly. I think I irritate my dad with the neurotic behavior I still retain of grabbing every tool or item we set down and putting them in one location. My mother feels notices the same behavior in the kitchen with any stray fork or cup I find. A place for everything and everything in its place. Perhaps I should make some places around the lawn for bottles of water.

Speaking of water, while I was 'harvesting' my lawn, Joyce called to let me know she was on her way home. She relayed a little tid-bit of information to me that is rather disturbing. It looks like Pennsylvania is going to be declaring a drought in the next few days. This now seems to be a perennial problem here. My lawn still has not recovered from the last drought. My poor scorched lawn, I had not even got the sprinkler system turned on yet. The Water Company guy will be showing up on the 29th to install the summer meter, just in time for the water restrictions. I know that when I follow the rules, everyone else on the block will have their sprinklers going full tilt all night long. Grrr. Makes me want to dig up the back yard and put a few under-ground cisterns in that I can collect rain-water in. Like I have that kind of time/money/insanity.

More on water sports. Every night, we bathe the Twin Twisters at about 8pm. Their schedule is important to us, keeps us sane. They really enjoy the bath for the most part. Jacob is enthralled with the knowledge that he can turn on and off the water in the tub. This does not bother me too much because I turned the temperature on the water heater down to a point where if only hot water came out, I could hold my hand there with no danger of getting scalded or even feeling much discomfort. Damn oil prices. *(build Nukes, brew ethanol ... dammit) On various occasions, Jacob the Jovial Joker will pull the stopper on the water spout that will turn on the shower. The water comes down and he runs to the other side of the tub in shock. His sister is much less amused. This time, he just turns on the cold water and stands there, giggling away. He seems to really enjoy having the cold water sprinkled down on him. Laughing and dancing and shrieking away. His sister stood at the other end of the tub, scowling and wagging her finger at him 'Yi-Yi Go-Go' (Cantonese for 'Naughty Big Brother'). As far as she is concerned, bath time is all business. She knows how to take her own clothes off, including her diaper, sometimes well in advance of the actual bath. Too smart. She will stand there with a wet wash-cloth and attempt to 'washie-washie' her rubber duckie and her Go-Go or anyone within reach. When asked, she will lift one foot at a time to allow you to wash it with soap. Way too smart. The lovely Mrs MDMHVONPA thinks that she may be ready for potty training. Too soon for me, she is still my baby girl!

I was thinking about that last night. The whole children thing. Then the weirdest realization came over me. I'm a father ... a parent ... to two (mostly) helpless children. It was a strange feeling. I've been so busy 'doing' the responsible loving parent thing for almost 2 years now that I never stopped and thought much about it. Just looking at their pictures on my desk makes me feel a strange kind of anxiety. The kind of feeling that you could do so much more and you should. You must. Is this the metaphysical change people speak of when you truly become a parent? Or is this an apex in my child-rearing years that makes me want more kids just before I become jaded. It's discomforting and yet, I can acknowledge that this unease is correct. That if I felt content, I may be under-performing and shorting my progeny of their fundamental needs. I need a martini. Maybe two.


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