White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mind your Ps & Qs

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Mind your Ps & Qs

Urk ... ok, this is why I stopped going to the Dollar Pint Lunch with the Mod Squad at work. My liver is swimming. The IPA is a killer at 15.3 and follow that up with a North Star pilzner with a measly 12.9 will certainly do you in for the day. Fill your gut with a foccacia bread sandwich and a bowl of chili and there is no turning back. I am completely and profoundly lethargic now. Virtually every movement or action requires a G8 commission treaty among my higher brain functions just to make a resolution to get on with it. I most certainly need some kind of agitation or a motivational element to make it through the day ... perhaps a cup of oolang tea will do the trick. Tune in later to see if I fall into a deep slumber on the way to the cafe'.


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