White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Its good to be the Alpha Male

Friday, June 11, 2004


Its good to be the Alpha Male

I kind of like this article about dogs. It makes perfect sense in hind-sight. We kennel our Hounds of Hell every day primarily because they are people dogs. No people around == Insane Dogs doing Insane (read:destructive) things. Katie and Thor are very happy dogs these days. Every thing is scheduled and predictable for them. And the added joy of getting scraps from the kids makes them so doting its comical. In the beginning, their behavior was an anathema for me. After a while, I just needed to shoot them a cross look and they would fall into line. Giving a backhand to the poor goobers never really did anything except bruise the crap out of my hands. I'm fairly sure that Thor's skull is solid titanium. Now, we understand each-other pretty well. A cross look or one shout from me and they stop cold, sit and then lie down. Of course, when Joyce is alone with them, all bets are off. Good cop, bad cop stuff. They will stroll into the kitchen if she is in there in the evening, only to slink out when I wander in. They never got the invite from me so they know that fun-time is over till I say so. Ego trip you say? Perhaps, but then again who is waking up who at 5:30am to go pee?


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