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Thursday, June 17, 2004



It was outrageously stifling last night. I got up, opened a window, went back to bed. Sweat for a bit, get up, turned on the ceiling fan, go back to bed. Get up, open another window AND the shades, go back to bed. GET UP, GET A DRINK OF WATER, GO BACK TO BED!!! Arrrgh. I cant sleep because it's too muggy/hot/stuffy/sweaty/blah-blah-blah. I could feel the little droplets of perspiration trickle down my scalp and neck, coming to rest beneath my shoulders. I listened to the baby monitor for a while as Jacob the Jovial Joker coughed and complained a bit. I could hear the Portable AC and Salvation unit humming away in the background. My kids have it good. I considered sneaking into the nursery and bedding down there for the night, but then we would pay for that selfish pleasure. My alarm would go off, Joyce would shut if off and we would not wake up till well after 7am. By that time, the kids would be awake and upset that I have not gotten them out of their cribs. Jacob would commit to his morning BM and we would have to go through that drill. You see, his urine detention unit is usually pretty full in the morning, no space for any more, let alone a little extra solid matter. It would make its way out and we would have a bath situation on our hands ... which would make us even later. Can you believe I contemplated all this while laying in a puddle of my own sweat? It was a very long night.


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