White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Hi-ho, hi-ho, ...

Monday, June 21, 2004


Hi-ho, hi-ho, ...

Time to rewind and set the work-week back to Monday. Ah yes, Monday. The day we look back at all the stuff that happened at work over the weekend that needs to be 'adjusted'. I typically spend a good two hours digging through logs to see what went amiss. Sometimes it is file space or i-node restrictions. Other times, the database or network is unavailable. Even more rare, its data that has been corrupted by some innocuous source and falls outside the designed parameters. In any event, something always happens and needs attention. I'd like to think that somehow I could have done something better, smarter or more robust to accommodate this. It always seems to be something that we didn't consider or something that fell outside our pre-ordained scope due to (limited,incorrect) information relayed to us. Oh well, I guess I can equate this to parenthood somehow. This is much more trivial than parenthood. More like a test or training course for being a parent. You only have so much control over what you have nurtured and can only hope to be there, consistently, to pick up the pieces when things don't go the way you had hoped. Damn, I'm morose this morning. Need some coffee I guess.


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