White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Grams and Gramps

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Grams and Gramps

Funny thing I neglected to mention over the last few days. About two weeks ago, my parents (Amish Super-dad and Investment Wiz Memory-mom) came down for a visit. Grams helped the over-burdened (and yet alluring) Mrs MDMHVONPA managed the twins for a while as that young whipper-snapper dad of mine put up the hand-rail on the staircase. In any event, our daughter Alexis (da Brain) was keen on visiting them in the morning by running down to the room they were sleeping and spending a good hour or so cuddling and hiding their toiletries. She was very upset when they left and was in a pretty awful mood for some time afterwards. Needless to say, every morning since then, she goes down to the guest bedroom and tries to get in to find 'Grams and Gramps'. Every morning she is upset that they are nowhere to be found until I show her the picture in the hallway. Her face brightens up as she points to the picture with a squeal of delight. I think that if she was aware of temporal persistence, she would be asking when they would be down again. She will certainly be delighted when they show up for the big 2nd birthday bash on July 4th.


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