White Lightning Axiom: Redux: The day after

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


The day after

The week stared out rough, but by comparison, is getting better. Our ailing Jovial Joker Jacob did well last night. No Lunch Launch or Dinner Distress. He slept through the night with nary a peep. I should know, I got up no less than 3 times to check on him. Not so much that I set an alarm to get up, I was awake of other reasons. Recently, I have had a persistent itching on my back that is hard to satisfy. Partly from the pealing of my sun-burn, partly from the bizarre MS symptoms. The MS pins&needles was always there and I could ignore it, but the sun-burn pushed me over the limit. I have a hair brush with a long handle on the head board that is just long enough to reach that one area of my back I just cant get at unassisted. Stupid MS, stupid sunburn, stupid sun ... stupid daddy. One of the other wake-up calls was a pretty heavy thunderstorm. I had opened a few windows to let the hot air out of the house so I needed to run from room to room and close the windows. If it were not for the lightning and thunder, I probably would not have done it. I would probably have spent the morning mopping up the Pacific Sea in the various rooms if I had not gone through with the exercise. The Hounds of the Hinterlair were not pleased with the rain either. Their beds are situated right under the open windows. When I got there, they were just standing and waiting for me. The minute I closed the windows, they curled up on their beds and went back to sleep. Heh, I guess they are settling down a bit. Silly labs, not liking water and all.

Speaking of water, the meter guy is supposed to show up today. This annual activity really gets me tweaked off. They only work from 9 till 4 and they INSIST that I be present when they install the meter at the curb. There is no good reason for this. The last two summers, I show up about 5 minutes before the appointment only to find that the work has been done and the 'Water Guy' is preparing to leave. The hardest part is even getting them to call an hour ahead of time so I know when to be there.
Absurd. With a drought warning coming, I'm sure there will be water restrictions and I will have to pay 20$ a month for the meter despite the insistence that I don't use the sprinkler system. Of course, over the last 4 days we have had 2 pretty significant rain storms. Perhaps I am just fomenting over nothing. Perhaps.

UPDATE: The water guy called at 10am and let me know that as long as the sprinkler is turned off, he doesn't give a damn if I am there or not. I'm still waiting for the slackers at the Helpless Desk to call me about them calling me 1 hour before the water guy shows up after 12noon. Wack-jobs.


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