White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Burning Dollars for Fun and Profit

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Burning Dollars for Fun and Profit

Today was a bust at work. Get in and the dev servers are down because the server room was too hot. They didn't come back up until I had been there for two hours. Then I go on to try to push an Amazon ELIZC order through the internal AS400 test systems and the damn thing gets wedged somewhere in the pipes. The JDA staff claims they cant see it till I have someone give them a step-by-step to show them that it really is there. The reply is that 'well, looks like the system is broken' and we go live tomorrow. Nice. Bitch-n-moan, bitch-n-moan. After nine hours of getting nothing accomplished, all I have to show for it is that my employer gets paid for 9 hours of consulting. Ghaaaa! So my alarm goes off at 4:15 and I charge out of there like a ball of lightning. The minute I get out the front door, the wet heat of Philly slaps me down like an old rag doll. Bleck. The evening gets worse as I try to finish up the wood work in the garage. I get half way done and the kids start assailing Joyce because it is bath time ... now! So I have to drop that and get my but upstairs, sticky hands and all. The keystone kids are in a prime mood because they didn't want to eat dinner tonight. Joyce and I finally get them settled down and I run back downstairs to finish the last few spindles. By the time I finish, its nearly 9pm and Joyce has already sacked out. I feel bad about not being very helpful this week. Once I get this darned rail in place (with mucho helpo from dado), things will improve in the core family. Maybe I'll make joyce some rice pudding or Bohemian Goulash.


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