White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Roll up the organization

Friday, October 06, 2006


Roll up the organization

I have a wad of meetings and other assorted obligations today at work. This should keep me out of trouble. Other than that, it's been a fairly routine day. I'm stuffed up with this new version of the Andromeda Strain virus but actually not doing too bad. Not sleeping well. I suppose a bit of liquid libation before bed would help that. Or maybe some decongestant. No matter, the weekend is approaching. Other than that, the Mrs is trapped at home with the Tyrants. Out of the blue, the Day-Care/ReEducation facility had announced that today was going to be an 'In Service' day. That phrase makes no sense at all. First off, our kids are not IN day care today at all. Second, I'm getting no service at all. Oxymoron defined. It really should be called a 'We are taking your money and providing you with nothing' Day. We had about 3 days notice. Beh. I'll be getting back to the Manor as quickly as possible this afternoon to relieve the Maternal Mrs ... or unlock the quarantine chamber door and revive her from the hyperbolic sleep module that the Tyrants will trick her into.

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