White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Another flash in the pan

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Another flash in the pan

I abhor my migraines. Especially when they conspire to deter me from completing my lawn work. Since it rained on Friday, I had to put off mowing the lawn for a few days so the grass had a chance to dry out. Flooding had occurred in some areas, but nothing too bad in ours. No tornados or landslides. Of course, the ground is saturated and will take forever to drain off. It should be ready by Sunday. Of course, that means I'll have to wait till the day is at its most oppressive peak. The morning dew will have burnt off by then. The air will be a virtual soup of humidity and the blazing sun will press me to the ground under it's heeled boot. Ugh. Fortunately, the graces of the weekend were plentiful.

Saturday went well and the children had been replaced by some sort of Angelic Clones. I even had a chance to get down and dirty with the kitchen floor. It has not been the rightly deserved recipient of a thorough cleaning. I'm not talking about a superficial sweep with a broom or swifter either. I went in with combat gear and did that hands-n-knees type of scrubbing where you measure success by each tile you scour into submission. The Recon Mission showed that the forces of Eeeevil food scraps in alliance with the Dust Bunny Liberation Movement had set up forward firing bases in each of the corners and had a HQ established near the refrigerator cooling coils. And so, the struggle began. Each pang of excess pressure on the knees meant that every square foot was an incremental reward ... a stepping stone to the final goal of laying down the Mop-n-Glow Napalm. With the kitchen under submission, I moved on to do moral combat with the Kitchen Sink and its grievous population of food based stains. It was a short but decisive battle. Finally, the great push towards victory in the Master Bathroom Shower was on. It was a hard fought struggle, but in the end, I prevailed. Sure, I had to use a can of scrubbing bubbles and a wire scrub-brush. All great principles require sacrifice.

Sunday, the day of heat and humidity. Every thing went very well till it was time to actually mow the lawn. Alexis was great in church. We went shopping afterwards and picked up some beef ribs for the Mrs. I got the ribs started on the NG Grill and they did not burn. (I learned my lesson) The lunch for the kids went splendidly. We went to the Local Home Depot Temple to pick up the Weed Killer and Fertilizer ... along with the final components for the Twin Towers. Then, the kids went down for a nap but took the Mrs with them. See, all good. Till I started to mow the ever-growing lawn. That's about the time that the migraine from hell kicked in. I had to power through it since the lawn HAD to be mowed now or never. One more day and I would not be able to push the mower through the Tropical Jungle that had sprung up. I had plans for laying down the feterlizer/weed killer afterwards and then pulling some weeds from the back-50. This was not in the works ... it took too long to mow. In the end, I had to shower up and monitor the kids at dinner while the Mrs made some lasagna. This is in preparation for the rest of the week. I was in no shape to cook so all I managed was some sweet corn on the cob for her. I had picked up a variety of different mushrooms when I was shopping with Alexis. My intention was to make a dish I call mushroom melody, but I could not stand the heat and the migraine was maxing out my nausea tolerance. No, get the kids to bed and then pass out. When I woke, the migraine was still with me ... nice. Perhaps something nice will happen today. For the Mrs, she is on her first day in a new position so she will certainly have a lot of things to talk about tonight. Myself, I'll talk about my battle with my brain. Urgh.


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