White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Alas, poor Urick ...

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Alas, poor Urick ...

Excellent escape procedures on Thursday afternoon enabled me to scuttle off to the local Pep-Boys automotive parts store and pick up the signal bulbs for the Super Saturn. Oddly enough, the staff was exceptionally helpful till I got to the checkout counter. There was some sort of trans-dimensional zombie woman working the cash register who's personality was just a tad bit more endearing than a moldering lump of 10 day old hamburger in the Skull Valley Dessert. In any event, it took about 10 minutes to change the bulb with a positive outcome. Luck/Karma/Skill ... whatever it was, I am exceedingly happy even if the damn bulb cost 5$. Now I know where all the money for these parts companies comes from.

The kids did well to boot. I picked up the kids and the pizza in one shot, which was exceptional. This allows for more play time on the Twin Towers. It has not rained in quite some time so the sand is not a soup of clay and silt. This preserves the clothing and allows for me to quickly herd the kids indoors without having to worry about tracking in tons of foreign material requiring a decontamination procedure. Once indoors, the kids dove into the pizza like they were starving pack of wolves happening across the only caribou carcass for miles around. They usually pick their way through most of a single slice. Tonight, they ripped through 3+ total slices. The plus originates from them double teaming Mommy and stealing bites from her pizza. While she was prying one of them off the laptop computer, the other would flank her and snatch a bite from her plate. Happy they are eating, but wish they would learn some table manners. Hard to tell them no when you want them to eat without intimidation or coercion.

The night was rough. It started with Jacob crying out again. This time, I just went in and laid down with him for a while and he clammed up. We laid there for quite some time, him just looking at my face, his eyes slowly scanning the room only to lock back on to mine. He just wanted some company, I guess he just wasn't tired enough to doze off. This does not seem to be a problem in the morning though! I suppose we should start to get cracking on getting his room ready. It's getting to be that time that we split the kids up. My other nocturnal disturbance came from the Mrs. She is apparently having a rough time with the cold she caught and her allergies. I'm thinking it might develop into Bronchitis if we don't get it under control. In any event, the histamines in her system are causing her skin to itch and it is keeping her from the duly appointed dream-land rounds. This, of course, is no good for me. Every time she tosses, turns, coughs or crawls out of bed, I wake up. Not much I can really do for her other than lend a sympathetic ear ... which is no good if I'm trying to sleep.

It rained last night. Since the Mrs and I were up all night, when we did fall asleep we slept in. No grand travesty. Since it started raining towards the end of my commute, I'll not be mowing the lawn tonight. We need the precipitation anyways. Of course, the liquid terror on the roads led to a bit of a longer commute. I had time to look about while sitting in traffic. Just down the road from the Manor, a development is going in. There was a big stand of trees and some open space ... now it's a giant flat of semi-sculpted clay. Once all the trees were downed, quartered and shredded, they named the development Woodmont. Ironic. It is a great place to buy a house if you have $400-500K to blow. Oh, if you look at that map, you'll see a jagged line in the upper right hand corner. That the Reading Railroad. It gets 4-6 trains a day that blow their horns at the crossing ... loudly. Mostly in the evenings or in the middle of the night. Obviously not the times that the people who will buy the lots/homes will be around.


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