White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Miserable winter

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Miserable winter

The rain started last night around the time the Mrs and I headed off to pick up the kids. It's sad that it is too warm in January to have snow. I suppose that this makes the whole heating thing a bit less of an issue though. Good for a good many people, the environment, American International Politics, blah, blah, blah. I miss the snow. I want my kids to be able to go out in the yard and make snow angles, have snow-ball fights and make forts. I probably should be careful what I wish for, I could get it in spades. Then the day-care would close and I would have to stay home and shovel the driveway. I probably should bring up more wood from the pile out in the back 50 and cover it with a tarp so I has a chance to dry out. Just in case, you know.

The Parental Units called last night to let me know they made it back to Ithaca. It was a long, rough bus trip that should have been a plane trip. I was told that the bus driver had quite a bit of difficulty once he left the NE Tpk Extension and needed the pilot (who also needed a ride to Ithaca) to give him directions. Funny, unless you had to sit in the bus for 4-5 hours. Speaking of sitting in an automobile, I just barely escaped a disaster on the Turnpike this morning. I was sticking to the rightmost lane as I know I should, but was considering moving over to the center lane. I had not even gone more than a mile from my interchange, guess I was kinda impatient this morning since I nearly got up on time. Just as I was starting to look for an opening, the left most traffic came to an immediate halt, shortly followed the middle lane. Within seconds I saw a two car fender-bender in the leftmost lane where the occupants had just started to get out of their cars. This caused me perhaps a few seconds of a delay, no worse. If I had been 15 minutes later, I would probably never have gotten onto the TPK this morning. All that church-going over the last few weeks must have gotten me a 'avoid traffic free' pass or something!


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