White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Monday

Monday, November 01, 2004



The drive to work was a bit annoying for a Monday. It must have been the daylight savings being over that allowed for so many more people to be on MY turnpike at such an early hour. The traffic between mid-county and Ft Washington was backed up for no good reason. It is NEVER backed up there. Nasty, tricksy drivers, we hates them, we do! I think the backup had to do with the copious number of Anti-Bush posters and banners hanging from the overpasses on the west-bound lanes. NOTE: All those banners were gone the next day. Work was a bust. The only interesting things were the wad of files we got from Skymall over the weekend. These files had not been submitted and were backed up from the 13th, so there was a bit of confusion about the status of the orders and weather they were dupes or late submissions. Oh, we played with the inventory query again too. I've compressed the queries down from 7 to 4 and now they are finding that there are missing indexes on the tables that the DBA group created. Hmmm, wonder why the query analysis for this is taking so long? Clean up your yard guys.

The drive home was MUCH more interesting. There is a turn lane on Northbound Warminister that allows you access to Byberry. For some reason, the traffic here was backed up and I could see cars sitting in both the East and Westbound lanes of Byberry. The lights turned a few times before I finally started to see some movement. As I got to the corner, I saw the issue. A car making a turn to the East like myself had lost control and plowed head-on into the Westbound turn lane. There was oil and coolant everywhere. Two police cruisers capped the car and this was a sight to be seen for all Rubberneckers. Grrrrr, nasty rubberneckers they are.

When I got home, I could feel the cold funk of November on my neck. I looked up to see the receding glow of the sun bouncing off the rippled, steel grey clouds. It was a feeling of finality that crept up my spine as the sun quickly winked out. Either a feeling of relief that the election season is ready to wink out, or the burden of fear weighing down on me for what this great decision portends for the kids. The children of mine that I will be picking up in the chilly, damp darkness. When I fetch them, they sit quietly in the back seat until Alexis points to the sky. 'Plane!' she shouts as a set of lights moves off into the distance. Slowly fading. She sees it. I squint to make it out. The children of today will guide us through the darkness of tomorrow. I'm being morose, aren't I?

In rosy news, I got my Orff cd in the mail. I popped it into the portable cd-player in the rumpus room. When the Oh Fortuna track abruptly began, it startled Alexis. She pointed an accusing finger at it and declared it 'Scary!'. No hon, it's poignant, Daddy at 4am before coffee is scary. After the first burst played out, she became less distressed but still has reservations. I think 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Ring around the Rosey' are more to her liking right now.

The Mrs put some pressure on me and we made the decision to contact Pete tonight. We are trying to coordinate the trip to the Food Show this weekend and it looks like Sunday is the date. Pete will have to buy 4 tickets for himself, his wife and his two oldest kids. Nick, Jacob and Alexis will not need them. We need two of course. These things are 19$ each but you can get a 3$ off coupon by purchasing a Bertolli product at Giant food stores. 12$ off for Pete is well worth it. He is going to the 1545 show and we will go to the Noon show. This way, we can have at least 2 adults to watch the troublesome threesome under (mostly) three while the rest of us haunt the kiosks. Should be fun, but I know we are going to end up buying something that is not needed or very usable. That can be fun too. I need to get rid of some of the older/deformed kitchen wares to make room for the new shiny stuff.


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