White Lightning Axiom: Redux: EZDay

Sunday, October 03, 2004



Surprise. It's 0500, do you know where your upset 2 year old is? Well, right in bed between you and the Wife, of course. That is, until he clobbers the daylights out of you. Then the Mrs is gracious enough to take him back to the nursery and let him sleep on the futon/sofa with her. At that point, he lies perfectly still. Goofy little bugger. I didn't get going until about 9ish so we were not going to make the 1030 mass. That, and I was still a little tired from the previous days exploits. Hero-dad and I finished up the second set of stairs for the south tower. A little before church and a little afterwards. There were a few rough moments, about how to angle the holes to avoid the previous days excitement. The 5/16 drill bit was worthless from the adventure with screws/nails, so we used a shorter (sharper) bit. It involved making 2 passes at drilling the holes. The last hole didn't come out where we wanted it to, so we were required to do some imaginative work with the bit. In the end, it was bolted down and firmly set in place. The kids were still in dream land (they were pooped, but didn't know it) so Dad sets to Grinding Posts with his router (the electric motor kind, not the electronic one, ya dweeb) while I cook up a storm. On the way back from church, we stopped off at the supermarket. Since the Mrs was not with me, I felt compelled to buy a couple tons of meat. Hey, it had a dollar off meat manager's special sticker on it. How could I resist. Meat. Red Meat. Red meat for a red state voter. Dammit. Two racks of Baby-back ribs for the wife, three steaks for myself. A coil of sweet italian sausage. Two packages of jumbo thighs/drumsticks. Only the steaks and some of the chicken were spared a sizzling end. Oh, did I mention the pack of hamburgers? Yeah, we got hamburgers too. And cooked em. Oh, and bacon too. Yeah, bacon cause I needed the fat for the pan to cook. And of course, if you have bacon you HAVE to drink scotch. Ok, yeah, I'm babbling. Anyhow, I cooked, Dad sanded/routed. Then Dad got tired of routing so he chopped wood. Because he is a real man and real men chop wood. Better him than me, I get to do that on Monday.

After the Twin Toddlers woke from their extended slumber, they got to go outside and enjoy the fruits of many hours of labor. Labor and significant blood-shed. Lots of bruises too. Oh, and much too much sweat to even record. Their shrieks of joy washed away any doubt that the efforts were in vain. As it turned out, there was more effort in trying to pull the kids AWAY from the Twin's Twin Towers than it was to put them up!
After a brief discussion, we pretty much have decided that the whole rock-wall thing just is not going to happen. It looks like we will be putting up an observation port and maybe a rope or two. We shall see.

Dinner was a short and concise event. The food was cooked, it got eaten and it got put away. Except for Jacob, he was not in an agreeable way. He resisted and pouted and tried to push his will. It was not going to work tonight because we had reinforcements and moral support. He was sorely shocked to find out that "My way or the highway" doesn't always work. Of course, that only lasted till the Grandparents left at 1800. Then he got some fruit and we let him go. Alexis, for her graciousness, was awarded the 'Raspberry Jello Award' which she graciously accepted and later shared in moderation with the carpet. I guess it was just too much fun to not play with ... just a little. The kids played, got bathed, went to bed. We did dishes and prepared for a 40 hour week. Things are back to normal until next Friday, when we head up to Ithaca to do some fall activities (picking apples). We also intend on visiting our very pregnant friends and bestowing much needed baby stuff upon them. Hmm, more space for me in our basement.


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